With over a million dowloads of this virtual reality game, I think it’s a good time to revist text neck syndrom. Its important for me to stress the practing good posture and revise some steps to help your neck from hurting while your out chasing pokemon.

 You may have seen large crowds in common public places, if you don’t play the game these spaces are refered to as pokestops. Most people will be engrossed intheir hand held device, probalably yelling for no reason.These  gamers will be sporting a pronounced head forward posture where all  you see the top their heads and no eye contact what so ever.

Its noted that  Pokeman Go promotes movement and exercise, which is definately a big plus for many. Walking exercise promotes deep breathing BUT with “Pokemon posture” it might just be causing more damage.

pokemon - Pokemon Posture

The “Pokemon posture” rolls the shoulders in, folds in the chest onto the pelvis and brings the head forward, which puts the gamers posture into a position mimicing the letter C. This posture actually inhibits deep breathing and can create muscle imbalances. This is actually the cause of neck, back and shoulder pain.

Here are few tips for Pokémon hunting injury-free:

  • Hold your phone at a higher angle while playing, thus putting less stress on your neck
  • Stretch your neck often, tucks your chin down then slowly raises it up
  • Stand up straight with good posture, shoulders pulled back keeps the body aligned in a neutral position
  • Engage your core by pulling your belly In
  • Open your chest by rolling your shoulders UP, then BACK, then DOWN
  • Visit a chiropractor, physiotherapist or your family doctor if experiencing acute pain
  • Book and appointment with a massage therapist if you’re experiencing head neck shoulder pain from gaming.
  • Remember to take breaks from your hand held device & happy hunting!

Meet Lee!

Our Leave it to Lee columns are written by none other than Lee Ann Campbell a resident massage therapist here at Remedial Wellness.