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Hand & Foot Care

At Remedial Wellness Centre we pride ourselves on the highest level of service, standards, and staff. Our variety of nail services are second to none. Here’s what makes our services exceptional

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Tandem Pedicure Chairs

Our leather pedicure chairs are equipped with relaxing Shiatsu massage and the unique no jet vibrating aqua massage foot bath means there are no circulating jets to cause contamination.
Our tandem pedicure chairs allow our estheticians to work side by side – perfect for couples getting his and her pedicures or a girls day!
The ultimate in relaxation!

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Infection Control

Remedial Wellness Centre holds itself to the highest infection control standards. While the ‘Gold Standard’ in nail salons is to disinfect only, our centre requires that all tools and stations are chemo sterilized between every client. Our unique foot basin uses heat and vibration, eliminating the need for circulating jets that can harbour illness mold and bacteria. Each client receives a brand new basin prepared especially for them. Your safety can be trusted in our hands!

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One of our primary concerns when it comes to product selection is toxicity. If we can get it organic, we will! Our Zoya natural nail polish line is no exception. Zoya polish is free of the 5 major toxic chemicals (toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate)) commonly found in most nail polish brands. Zoya polish has exceptional wear and is a safe choice for adults and kids alike.

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Our Estheticians are trained in identifying hand, foot, nail and any other related concerns and safely treating sensitive and diabetic hands and feet.

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Spa Menu

We offer a variety of appetizers, entrées, desserts and beverages made in our 5 star kitchen and delivered right to you during your pedicure treatment.

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FootLogix Products

The FootLogix line of foot care products is medical grade and incorporates the latest medical technology to provide you with exceptional results in caring for your feet. Ask our knowledgeable staff which products are right for you.

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Luxury Manicure

Our classic manicure is the ultimate in spa luxury. A relaxing hand/foot soak, nail and cuticle maintenance, callus softening, gentle exfoliation, warm paraffin treatment and hydrating masque for the lower arm and hands.

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Luxury Pedicure

Our luxury pedicure is the ultimate in spa pampering. A relaxing foot soak, nail and cuticle maintenance, callus softening, gentle exfoliation, warm paraffin treatment and hydrating masque for the lower leg and feet.

CND Shellac

Shellac polish is an optional service that can be added on to any of our manicures and pedicures.long lasting look with CND Shellac. Flawless coverage for 14 + days.

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Nail Services

Manicure (no polish) – $25.00
Spa Manicure – $45.00
Luxury Manicure – $65.00
Pedicure (no polish) – $40.00
Spa Pedicure – $60.00
Luxury Pedicure – $80.00
Shellac removal (foil wraps) – $15.00
Polish Change – $20.00
Shellac Gel Polish Enhancement – $15.00