Ideal Protein

Ideal protein is a scientifically-derived, medical weight loss protocol with a beginning, a middle and an end. The science behind the protocol prevents any significant lean mass loss, ensuring that the pounds you lose are mostly fat and preserving metabolism for down the road. Structured phases, knowledgeable coaching and high quality protein and supplements have made Ideal Protein the #1 weight loss method.

Established as an authorized Ideal Protein clinic in 2012, Remedial Wellness has 2 experienced coaches on staff to work with you on your weight loss journey. As a clinic, we recognize the importance of long-term lifestyle education and support. Our dieters often call the experience eye-opening, life-changing and overall very liberating. With reasonable goal-setting, weekly check-ins and a unique approach that goes beyond the initial weight loss phase, you can be assured that your health is in good hands.

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A message from the Ideal Protein Director:

A clean diet and regular exercise can assist a person to lose weight and build a healthy routine. But what if that doesn’t work for you?

Ideal Protein is a medically-derived scientifically proven weight loss method. It pushes the body into ketosis, a state of fat burn, without causing damage or loss to healthy tissues. Most clients experience fat loss of anywhere between 3-5lbs per week, while also preserving their valuable lean mass. Most importantly, the Ideal Protein protocol has a beginning, a middle and an end. Clients are guided through their weight loss, stabilization and phase out; however, they are also supported through a year of maintenance after weight loss. This is the best possible time to make minor adjustments which will contribute to the overall maintenance of long-term goals.

Everyone has a different weight gain story; from low thyroid to hormonal imbalances to stress to lifestyle. When they’ve tried what makes sense and it hasn’t worked, it’s not surprising that those desperately trying to shed the extra pounds turn to things that don’t make sense. Enter the “weight loss fad of the week”, starvation diets, excessive workout regimes and so on. This contributes to years of “Yo-Yo” dieting, weight and hormonal fluctuations, low energy, poor health, and discouragement. Most feel that they have failed; however, it is the system that has failed them. This is where we come in. Knowledge and education are the first keys to long-term weight management and our team is here to do just that – educate and provide long-term support.

Our clinic has a unique approach to weight loss that is safe, effective and easy. Our knowledgeable team takes your health seriously and looks for every possible factor that could be impacting your metabolism or weight loss as a whole. Our comprehensive program provides grounded support and tools to help you succeed. From personalized meal plans and cook books to online portals and videos, it is our job to look at the big picture for manageable adjustments while making your journey as simplified as possible.


The Ideal Protein Program is overseen
by an experienced Director and Kinesiologist.
Weight Loss Services

Ideal Protein Initial Consultation – $250.00
Body Composition Analysis – $20.00
Weekly Check-ins – FREE

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