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Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave therapy is the best treatment option available in regenerative medicine. It works by breaking down unwanted restrictions, such as scar tissue, and stimulating new blood vessel growth to the penis and surrounding tissues. It has been used in Europe for decades as a first and last resort in urological treatments, including kidney stones, Peyronie’s disease, pelvic floor weakness and, yes, even ED

What is ED?

Over 50% of men over the age of 40 have experienced Erectile Dysfunction (ED). For years, it was believed that the cause of ED was strictly psychological; however, it is now more widely understood that the cause of ED is often physical and is usually a result of impaired blood flow.

Shockwave is exceptionally successful on vasculogenic ED, that is, impairment as a result of blood flow to the penis. For ED resulting from diabetes, results have been very promising but may require more frequent ‘tune-up’ sessions as a result of the disease itself. For those struggling with ED as a result of natural aging, the effects of the treatment are long-term and significant.

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The Science

Shockwave therapy has been a primary medical treatment method in Europe for over 3 decades, particularly for use in urological treatments. As one of the most effective technologies used for treating kidney stones, it didn’t take long to find that the positive effects of shockwaves were numerous and more versatile than previously believed.

Shockwaves work by disrupting and removing any tissue that should not be present, such as scar tissue, while simultaneously stimulating new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis) to the impacted tissue. As a result of treatment, tissue responds with better range of motion due to fewer restrictions and overall improvement in circulation to the area. More circulation and less scar tissue means better healing.

Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the inability to attain or sustain an erection and it develops for a variety of reasons; however, the most common underlying cause is poor blood flow to or scar tissue in the penis. Whether this is a result of aging or disease, such as diabetes, the overall effect of the shockwaves are the same.

While a full treatment protocol of 6 sessions is highly recommended for optimal success, most clients have seen results after only 2 sessions.

The Benefits

• Proven clinical, long-term results
• Stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanism
• Pain free, non-invasive, short treatments and no reported side-effects
• Replaces medications with spontaneity

Our Protocol

Every pelvic health treatment is performed by one of our knowledgeable, registered physiotherapists. Focused shockwaves are applied to the muscles of the anterior, superior and pelvic floor, the perineal area under the testicles and also to the shaft of the penis. The shockwaves are able to cause cellular change in the targeted cell without damaging a single cell around it. Treatments are relatively pain-free, non-invasive, short duration and produce long-term results. All ED treatments at our facility are performed using the latest technology shockwave system, which is the most advanced device of its kind on the market today.

Our Standard ED treatment protocol lasts a total of 5 weeks and is a claimable physiotherapy treatment with benefits plans that have physiotherapy coverage. Most clients see results after 2 sessions; however, we recommend waiting about 6 weeks post-protocol to evaluate efficacy of treatment, as improvements occur even after treatments have stopped.

Sessions are booked at 2 per week, with recovery weeks between treatment weeks. Sessions must be booked a minimum of 72 hours apart. For clients coming from out of Edmonton, exceptions may be made on a case-to-case basis.

Cost of Treatment

  • $250/session ($225 w/ Gold Star Membership)
  • $1500 for complete protocol ($1350 w/ Gold Star Membership)

The treatment schedule is as follows

  • Week 1: 2 treatments
  • Week 2: Recovery – no treatments
  • Weeks 3: 2 treatments
  • Week 4: Recovery – no treatments
  • Week 5: 2 treatments
  • Weeks 6-12: Rest & Recovery – no treatments


Below is a complete schedule of our fees (not including GST). Please note that our physiotherapy and acupuncture services are non-taxable services. We do treat Motor Vehicle Accident clients!
Please feel free to inquire with our friendly staff if you have any questions or concerns.

$ 105
Initial Consultation

Physiotherapy Services

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$ 200
nitial Consultation + Shockwave

Initial Consultation + Shockwave

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$ 150
Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

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$ 90
IMS Needling

IMS Needling

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$ 250
Pelvic Health Treatment

Pelvic Health Treatment

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$ 250
Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

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