Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a shockwave?

    A shockwave is a mechanical sound wave. It is not electrotherapy and it is not ultrasound. The unique shape and frequency of the wave are what produce such profound change in unhealthy tissues.

    Does it hurt?
    Most clients find the treatments relatively painless. There may be some discomfort or sensitivity over scarred tissues or around bony processes. This pain is usually only present for a few seconds and goes away the moment the treatment stops.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Generally no; however, some clients do experience minor discomfort following the treatment as a result of natural inflammation occurring at the site. This is normal and often subsides within a few days.

    Some clients may also feel like they are off balance after their treatment. This is the result of imbalances suddenly being corrected and the feeling will improve as the kinetic chain rebalances.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    Clients taking blood thinners (not treatable)

    Clients who are pregnant (no abdominal/low back treatments)

  • I recently had a cortisone shot – can I still receive SWT?

    Yes but we always recommend a 3-4 week wait before coming in. Your shockwave treatment will be more effective as a result.

  • I have a very rare condition and I have been told that nothing will help. How do I know if shockwave is right for me?”

    You don’t. However, we have had success with all conditions, even the rare ones that seem untreatable. Our advice would be to book an appointment and let the therapist decide what they can do. If they feel shockwave would not be beneficial, they won’t waste your time trying.

  • I have a metal plate/rod/screws in the area being treated. Will this affect the treatment?

    Not at all. Come on in!

  • I have a pacemaker, can I still be treated?

    Absolutely! It will not affect the pacemaker or quality of treatment

  • I am scheduled for a joint replacement but do not want to have surgery if I don’t have to – is it too late for SWT?

    Not at all! Shockwave is used with prevalence in Europe as a pre AND post joint replacement protocol.

    Many clients can avoid the replacement altogether, depending on the state of the joint and how soon they see us.

    Even those who still must pursue a joint replacement after shockwave find their recovery time and risk of infection to be much lower due to the added circulation.

  • Is it covered under private health benefits?

    Shockwave therapy can be covered under the physiotherapy section of your private health benefits when performed by a registered physiotherapist as part of a physiotherapy assessment, and treatment program.

  • Is this a claimable treatment through Alberta Health?

    Not at this time.

  • What is the typical success rate?

    90-95% average for typical conditions (i.e. plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, etc)
    Based on reduction in pain and increase in range of motion

    75-80% average for complex conditions
    >Based on reduction in pain and increase in range of motion

    60-75% average for Men’s/Pelvic Health

    Based on overall efficacy from patient feedback

  • What is the cost?

    1st visit w/ treatment: $200 (Gold star members: $180)
    1st visit without treatment: $105.00 (Gold star members: $94.50)

    Subsequent visits: $150 (Gold star members: $135)

  • How long are the appointments?

    1st appointment: 45 minutes – 1 hour

    Subsequent treatments: Typically 30 minutes – some need less, some need more

  • Is there a limit on the number of body parts treated?

    At Remedial, we treat based on condition, not per body part. All body parts impacting the condition will be addressed, as long as the tissues can tolerate the number of shocks.

    We will not treat unrelated conditions in the same treatment session.

  • Will I be treated on the first visit?

    Always. If you aren’t, you are not charged for a full treatment, only a consultation.

  • How many treatment sessions are required? Over how much time?

    Usually 3 sessions, 1x/week over 3 weeks.

    Followed with a 4-6 week rest and recovery period.

    A 4th follow-up may be required if the condition persists.

  • How soon can I get in?

    Usually there are same-day appointments available; however, it can take a few days if you need a particular day or time.

  • Is there a wait time at your clinic?

    We’re human – sometimes the unexpected happens. Clients rarely wait more than 5 minutes for their appointment; however, some days, we have been up to 20 minutes behind.

    An effort is always made to notify clients ahead of time if there is a wait.

    Comfy leather chairs, tea, water and free WIFI make it tolerable. 😊

  • How long before I see a difference in my condition?

    Many clients feel a difference immediately in some way.

    Most clients require a 4-6 week recovery period following their first 3 treatment sessions which allows time for angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth). Improvement is usually felt during this time as the new blood flow promotes complete healing.

    If the issue has improved but not completely resolved after this wait period, we often recommend a 4th (and often final) follow-up session at that time.

  • I had SWT in the last few days/week and now my injury/condition hurts even more. Is this normal?

    It can be. Some clients do experience minor discomfort following the treatment as a result of natural inflammation occurring at the site. This is normal and often subsides within a few days.

  • What does ISMST Certified mean?

    International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment – This is the international regulatory body for SWT. Being a member does not include certification. This is training and testing above and beyond attendance at Kongress.

  • How many treatments have you performed?

    Over 21,000, as of May 2017.

  • I had great results from SWT and would like to give a testimonial – where or how do I do that?

    Please ask our friendly staff for a survey link or review us on Google or Facebook.

    Not online-savvy? Ask us for a pen and testimonial form on your next visit!