Shockwave Treatments

  • Musculoskeletal

    Treatable conditions

    Achilles Tendinopathy,
    Acute & Chronic Neck & Back Pain,
    Bone Fractures & Spurs,
    Bunions & Calluses,
    Bursitis, Chronic Headache,
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
    Frozen/Stiff Shoulder,
    Hallux Rigidus,
    Hip Pain (Any joint pain),
    Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome,
    Jumper’s Knee,
    Morton’s Neuroma,
    Muscular & Cutaneous Scar Tissue,
    Plantar Fasciitis,
    Pre/Post Joint Replacement,
    Shin Splints,
    Tendinitis & Calcification of Rotator Cuff Muscles,
    Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow,
    TMJ Dysfunction, Trigger Points

    Treatable Associated Symptoms

    Herniated or slipped discs, Migraines,
    Multiple Sclerosis (MS),
    Renaud’s Disease (poor circulation in hands),
    Scoliosis (Congenital & Postural – often treated as a secondary condition),
    Spasticity (which is a symptom of many neurological conditions),
    Spondylolysis or spondylolysthesis

  • Wound-Burn

    Special Treatments with SWT

    Diabetes Wounds,
    Non-Healing Ulcers,
    Pre & Post Surgery Treatment,
    Post C-Section Treatment

  • Men's Health

    Peyronie’s Disease ,
    Incontinence .

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